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what shirts can you print by sublimation?

posted on 2017-11-09 15:02:45

The sublimation takes place mainly in the field of photography following the creation of the digital camera and marketing photo gift . Although not specifically created for printing t - shirts, this has become one of the most frequent applications.

You can print any shirt by sublimation?

Not only those shirts that are 100% polyester (or at least 65%) and white or clear enough. Sublimation on T has a very long life and an excellent touch . With a sublimation printer and sublimation paper to sublimate, you can start one profitable business .

Why should they be white shirts?

Because sublimation ink are transparent ,if we stamp by sublimation on a black color garment ,stamped image do not appear because black is the "come" or if it is on a piece of colored ink loses its strength and its actual color due the background color of the garment.

This can be explained with a simple example : take a sheet of colored paper and print it with a conventional printer what happens? black or dark roles in the printed image disappears or at least the colors are lost and invalidated. Look at this example below: image 1 is the design to be printed, the 2 is the result of printing on a red paper.

So to sum up,sublimation paper is suitable for white or clear enough non-cotton T-shirt.

If you have any other advise,pls wecome to contact us.and you need sublimation paper and ink,feel free to contact us.






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