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when you buy our sublimation paper attension before you sign

Posted on2017-03-14

1.If sublimation digital paper products is damaged in the transportation process from the visual inspection:

1.1 Cartons are severely deformed and rolls collapse.

1.2 Packing box be perforated, puncture the transfer paper, etc.

1.3 Plastic packaging bags damaged and packaging cartons damp and so on may matter the use.

Please rejected if any of the damaged happens, and take photos to the sales staff.


2. Digital sublimation transfer paper

2.1 Storage conditions the relative humidity is 45-70%RH and temperature for 10-30 ℃. the paper should be placed in a cool

and dry and avoid direct sunlight, air conditioning room is recommended. To avoid moisture, stacked on the ground from the

15-20 cm in horizontal, stacking layers should not exceed 8 according to the marked outside the carton.


2.2 Humidity in the print room The best humidity is 45-70%RH, please install the air conditioning in the printing room to control

the appropriate conditions, that can ensure the printing quality stability. If there is no air conditioning,please balance the moisture

in the transfer paper (open plastic bag within 1-2 days ) before printing , to avoid digital paper from stretching arch by excessive absorption of printing ink .


2.3 Storage conditions for the printed digital paper (humidity under 55%RH; temperature 15-30℃) low humidity environment is conducive to water evaporation.

2.4 Shelf life: The shelf life for the digital sublimation transfer paper is 10 months, the paper should be used within the warranty period.


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