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Why choose Vision Roll To Roll Heat Press Machine

posted on  2018-08-06 10:38:08

Are you looking for a high quality rotary transfer Machine for a variety of polyester (or nylon) textiles? We offer solutions for roll-to-roll or single-piece products specifically for dye sublimation transfer and fixed disperse dyes and pigments. From professional start-ups to industrial mass producers, Shanghai Vision offers the best technical solutions for weaving - nonwovens - knit or stretch, thin or thick materials. With Vision, you always get the right choice for the highest return on your investment.


You'll get high-value end products with vibrant colors and sharp edge definition

High productivity and fast processing speed

First time, less waste and less reprinting

High availability due to high quality components with limited downtime

Vision hot presses provide you with:

roll to roll heat press machine
roll to roll heat press machine
rotary heat press machine
rotary heat press machine


A, Through very constant temperature hot oil use, it is optimal to sublimate and fix dyes for superior thermal dynamic temperature control.

B, There is no color difference between the production process or the season; the heating drum is completely filled with oil and the oil is thoroughly mixed.

C, Since the belt (PID) steering is very stable, the print pattern is not distorted. Due to the longest belt in the industry, the material does not move laterally.

D, By using the largest drum surface and a very constant temperature, high speeds are achieved over the required contact time.

E, Rapid heating (+/- 1 hour) due to sufficient heating capacity and a small amount of oil in the drum.

F, Minimal maintenance is required. The machine and its components and belts have a long service life; long belt and belt guiding systems work without mechanical force. The belt has no edges or side extensions.

G, Easy to operate. Single button operation for pressure, speed, temperature.






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