Korea  inktec sublimation ink

Korea inktec sublimation ink

Sublimation ink also call heat transfer ink, it is used for the printing products, the transfer ink will be show on the fabric after heat transfer by the high temperature, so it is very necessary material on heat transfer business.Compare with the pigment ink and dye ink, the sublimation ink with vivid color, high density, mainly make in USA and KOREA, and all with vivid color, after heat transfer by the machine,the design is clear, high reduction color, this is the advantage of the imported ink.



sublimation ink china

- Factory direct supply.

sublimation ink 100ml

sublimation ink china

- High quality with competitive price.

- Suitable for mug/plate/cloth/glass/metal/flag/shoe and so on.

-Transfer temperature:180-200 degrees.

- Transfer time:25-40 seconds

-Suitable for piezo printers like EPSON, ROLAND, MIMAKI, MUTOH

- Package: 1L / Bottle ,10 Bottles / Carton

Available color: C M Y K LC LM

- Good resistant, no clog nozzle

- Comprehensive and vivid color performance

- Water fastness and Light fastness can reach 4-5 classes.

What is Inktec Sublinova Sublimation Ink?

Sublimation ink also call heat transfer ink, it is used for the printing products, the transfer ink will be 

show on the fabric after heat transfer by the high temperature, so it is very necessary material on 

heat transfer business.Compare with the pigment ink and dye ink, the sublimation ink with vivid 

color, high density, mainly make in USA and KOREA, and all with vivid color, after heat transfer

by the machine,the design is clear, high reduction color, this is the advantage of the imported ink.


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