5113 water-based printhead

Epson 5113 print head

Epson 5113 printhead has 4 lines, each line has 800 nozzles, totally 3200 nozzles. Its firing frequency is 17.8 Khz( DX5 is less than 10 Khz), which makes its speed nearly 40% higher than DX5 printhead.5113 prinhead is much cheaper than Epson DX5,but it can only use water-based ink.


This is the description of Epson 5113 print head


Name: 5113 print head
Printing Type: sublimation printing or eco solvent printing
Color: double four colors(K, C, Y, M)
Suitable ink: Water base ink
Resolution: 1400*1400dpi
Nozzles: 8*180
Used for: inkjet printer(mimaki, mutoh, etc)



1.Nozzles:400*8 lines,3200 nozzles, much more than Epson DX5

2.Width:Epson 5113 is 1.3 inch, 30% more than Epson DX5

3.Speed:for 2 head, max speed can reach to 80sqm/h

4.Price:much cheaper than Epson DX5

5.5113 print head can only use water-based ink






1 .Do not wipe the nozzle with a cloth, do not use a bad nozzle, do not touch the nozzle.

2.disassemble the nozzle should be shut down when cleaning

3.After printing is completed, the nozzle is separated, dust can easily plug the nozzle, the number of cleaning nozzles should not be too frequent

4.In particular, do not over-soak the nozzle


The difference between an Epson DX5 and a 5113 print head?

1.Number of nozzles : DX5 has a greater number of nozzles. There is a total of 8 lines x 180 nozzles in each line, a sum total of 1440 nozzles with the smallest onebeing 5PL. Epson 5113, on the other hand, has 4 lines x 800 nozzles with a sum of 3200 nozzles which is 2.2 times more than its counterpart.

2.Printhead width : Epson 5113 hold a printhead width of 1.3” which is 35% greater than DX5.

3.Speed : Epson 5113 is faster due to the presence of more nozzles. It can reach a 3 stage speed of 35 square meters per hour.

4.The advantage is that Epson 5113 is faster and cheaper than DX5 and due to more nozzles, this printhead can reach greater production per hour.


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