ME-1203HT 1.2m single epson 5113 print head dye sublimation printer

ME-1203HT 1.2m single Epson 5113 print head dye sublimation printer

Me-1203HT 1.2m dye sublimation printer with single Epson 5113 print head ,offer printing resolution of 1,800 DPI, a maximum print speed of up to 14㎡/h,with a printing width of 1.20 Mts,ink Cartridges Capacity 220ml Refill and 4 Colors C M Y K .





1.High cost worthy sublimation printer for various solution

2.Epson 5113 print head ensures higher speed and precise inkjet

3.High-quality print model delivers consistent,reliable results

4.Post heating system help drying media faster

5.Maximum 1800dpix



Me-1203HT sublimation printer

Me-1203HT sublimation printer

Me-1203HT sublimation printer



Wide Range of Application Coverage

Choose Me-1203HT sublimation printers for reliable transfers of rich, saturated colors with exceptional print 
quality, all at an affordable price. 

1.Printing on polyester and polymmid(Lycra, Nylon)fabrics used in sportswear and outdoor wear in general.

2.Printing on mixed synthetic fabrics(min 60% of synthetic fibres) used in sportswear and outdoor wear in general.

3.Printing on plastic substrates used in the manufacturing of sport equipment such as ski, snowboard, skateboard, windsurf, etc

4.Printing on every substrates (wood, cermics, glass) overprinted with polyester-based or polyammid-based coatings.







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Why Choosing Us?

1.Strict Quality Control:  We have Strict Quality control both for the original Material and finished Goods. QC before delivery is also what we need for each order.

2.One stop Solution:  We offer a wide range of sublimation paper, dye sublimation ink and transfer paper. Making you able to source all the items you need.

3.Fast Delivery:  We offer one week delivery for most paper orders. And 2-3 weeks production lead time for other sublimation inks.

4.Responsible after sale service: As a responsible company, we never make any exercise for mistakes, clients comes first, any complaint is supposed to be settled in a responsible manner.

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