ME-1803FHT 1.8m large format four 5113 print heads inkjet sublimation printer

ME-1803FHT 1.8m large format four 5113 print heads inkjet sublimation printer

ME-1803FHT 1.8m large format four 5113 print heads inkjet sublimation printer a maximum print speed of up to 100㎡/h,with a printing width of 1.80 Mts,ink Cartridges Capacity 220ml Refill and 4 Colors C M Y K .dye sublimation printer with four Epson 5113 print heads offer printing resolution of 1,800 DPI.





anvantages of 5113 piezoelectric inkjet methods

1.number of nozzles:5113 print head has 8 rows nozzle,400 nozzles in a single row.each print head has 3200 nozzles,while epson dx5 only has 1440 nozzles.

2.print head width:5113 print head effective width is 1.3 inch,which is more than 30% wider comparing with dx5 and dx7

3.speed capability:with 5113 print head,digital inkjet printer can achieve 3 pass high-speed printing.the speed of one print head is up to 30sqm/hour.


1.Multiple Ink Combinations Gives the Perfect Expression about Image

Support multicolor-printing, besides CMYK four colors, LC and LM can be equipped to enhance the natural color transition, make high recognition to similar colors , and  LLK increases controllability and sense of depth to printing colors.

2.Independent Research of Intelligent Inkjet Technology

This machine use independent research and development of intelligent inkjet technology,
Through intelligent control , it can make a variety of ink droplets of different sizes.It not only can show you the extreme resolution 1200dpi ,but also can accomplish the higher quality compared with the same type machines when it print in low resolution .

3.CISS Guarantee Printing Continuously

Stable continue ink supply system  uses special algorithm to ensure the stability of ink supply when printing ,it solves the  problem of short of ink because of ink supply.  

4.Un-wind and Re-wind Media Perfectly
Use media fixed device to complete the winding and unwinding process of sublimation paper
Adjust media axle at any time. Use of tension stick ensures the media enter into take-up axle completely.



5.All-steel manufacturing, every detail reflects our sincerity.



Choose ME-18003FHT sublimation printers for reliable transfers of rich, saturated colors with exceptional print quality, all at an affordable price.

--Soft signage and exhibits

Soft signage delivers a sophisticated, upscale look that commands premium pricing.

--Heat transfers for apparel

Produce high-quality, custom-decorated sportswear to help teams look and perform their best.

--Interior decoration

Now you can offer your customers colorful,coordinated, custom interior decoration items, from wall coverings and artwork to drapes and furniture covers.

--Individualization Product

Create mouse pad and other personalized product.

--Heat transfers for porcelain

Produced various elegant coffee cups, tea cups, monuments cups, etc





Why Choosing Us?

1.Strict Quality Control:  We have Strict Quality control both for the original Material and finished Goods. QC before delivery is also what we need for each order.

2.One stop Solution:  We offer a wide range of sublimation paper, dye sublimation ink and transfer paper. Making you able to source all the items you need.

3.Fast Delivery:  We offer one week delivery for most paper orders. And 2-3 weeks production lead time for other sublimation inks.

4.Responsible after sale service: As a responsible company, we never make any exercise for mistakes, clients comes first, any complaint is supposed to be settled in a responsible manner.

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