Inkjet light iron on transfer paper

Inkjet light iron on transfer paper

Iron On Transfer Paper is commonly referred to as "T-shirt paper" because it is often used to transfer images, text or a combination onto fabrics.Cool  peel  process  makes  it  easy  for  everyone  in  the family  to  share  in  creating  iron-­‐on  projects!


This is the description of Inkjet light iron on transfer paper
name iron on transfer paper
size A4
package 50sheet/pack
used on  white or light color fabric
print mirror printing
transfer time  60s
transfer temperture Turn the iron button to cotton and linen



1.Cool  peel  process  makes  it  easy  for  everyone  in  the  family  to  share  in  creating  iron-­‐on  projects!
2.Improved  image  quality  and  resolution!
3.Superior  image  feel  and  fabric  texture  before  and  after  washing!


What  You'll  Need

Before  you  start,  make  sure  you  have  these  items:
1.Inkjet Light  Iron-­‐On  transfer paper
2.Any  EPSON  Color  inkjet  printer
3.Item  to  receive  transfer  image  (T-­‐shirt.  apron.  etc.)
4.Hand  iron 



1.Creating  the  Image

2.Printing  the  Image

a.use a epson inkjet printer to print image

b.When using light transfer paper you must reverse the image and print it in mirror mode.  

c.After  you  have  printed  the  image,  use  scissors  to  trim  away  the  blank  paper  around  it. Leave  a  border  of  about  1/4  inch  on  all  sides. 

3.Testing  Your  Iron

4.Preparing  to  Iron

a. Preheat  the  iron  on  the  highest  temperature  setting  and  wait  until  it  is  ready  before  ironing  the transfer.  The  iron  must  be  very  hot.  Do  not  use  steam.

b. Fold  the  tshirt and  place  it  on  the  ironing  surface ,and smooth  it  flat  so  there  are  no  wrinkles.  Make  sure  there  are  no  seams  on  the  ironing surface.

c. Place  the  fabric  item  to  receive  the  transfer  on  the  centre  of  the  tshirt.  Smooth  the  fabric so  there  are  no  wrinkles.

d. Iron  the  tshirt  and  fabric  so  they  are  smooth  before  ironing  on  the  transfer.

e. Place  the  printed  transfer  image  face  down  on  the  fabric  where  you  would  like  to  transfer  the image.



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