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New Printable Vinyl of Shanghai Vision

Posted on 2019-11-27 11:20:00


As we all know that, Eco-solvent vinyl known as printable vinyl. And only this type is common in the market. It was printed and engraved by the spray and engraving machine. Then use heat press machine to transfer the designs into cloth.


After months invention, Shanghai Vision now issue another type of printable vinyls. Which can print with eco-solvent ink, pigment ink and dye ink. But it doesn’t suitable for sublimation ink. If use sublimation ink, after transferring and put it for a couple of days, the image color will become dim.


How to use such type of dark printable vinyl? Firstly use printer to print the image you want, then use cutting plotter cut the shape. Do please use same shape image when printing and cutting. When cutting, we advise you us 40° blade to cut, pressure about 200g, speed of 200 - 400 mm/second. But different cutting plotter suitable for different pressure and speed.


How to transfer this type of multi-functional printable vinyls? Normally we advise you use 140°C + 10 seconds, proper pressure with hot peeling. After peeling, put the cloth on the heat press and heat for extra 5 seconds. As for washing, please wash it after 24 hours. And it can not be rinsed and dried.


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