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sublimation paper can custom backside

posted on   2019-11-04 11:05:40

Sublimation paper in high quality.Most customers want to do their own logo in backside of sublimation paper

If you are looking for a supplier who can offer sublimation paper in high quality and good price, we are the one you can trust and work with.

Currently, we can provide the sublimation paper with your logo in backside.

It’s in 100grams and fast dry. About size,  A4, A3 and A3+ are possible.

In addition, if you want to do your design on covering paper in each pack, it’s available in my company.

If you want to know more, welcome you contact us.

Shanghai VISION digital printing company is a worthy-trust company that equipped with mature and full production line. We are specialized in manufacturing sublimation paper. In addition, to satisfy the customers’ require, we provide the sublimation blanks.

We always focus on the quality of products, so we have good reputation in market. Every year we attend lots of foreign exhibition to show our products.








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