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What is the material for the ink? How to make good ink?

   Posted on 2017-04-25 14:04:54

   Based on VISION's experience in manufacturing and selling sublimation ink for many years, we believe that the good pigment is the foundation of good sublimation ink. Water-based inkjet ink is composed of solvent and dye, the solvent is the carrier of the entire ink and dissolved components, the solvent usually contains 5% -20% of the toner or 20% -40% of the colorant, The most important part of the ink composition ratio, because the pigment is to give ink color and color fastness of the key components.

    The price for dye sublimation ink 70% depends on the pigment, so buying ink is to buy dyes. The inkjet ink pigment is not an ordinary traditional pigment, it must be high purity and impart inkjet printing characteristics. Any ink formulation design and dye molecular design must be purified to achieve inkjet grade, VISION pigment purity is very high, means that VISION inkjet grade dye has a high solubility, filter, color fastness and overall brightness and other characteristics .The Low salt content of the dye on the nozzle without corrosion; metal content and low non-metallic content can ensure that the nozzle does not block and improve the stability of the dye sublimation ink; non-water-soluble dye by the molecular structure of the design of the particles do not condense, can improve the ink storage stability and continuous inkjet stability.

    The difference between the inkjet grade and the conventional dye grade pigment is also reflected in the salt content and the metal content. Inkjet grade pigment itself does not contain impurity particles, the traditional grade pigment is containing too much dust and impurities; inkjet grade pigment suitable for inkjet low viscosity, high viscosity ink, because the viscosity of the paste can protect the ink through the filter , while the traditional grade pigment can not pass through the filter.

      All in all, the inkjet dye itself is complete color, high fastness and stable quality to ensure that the ink in the printing process to achieve wide color gamut, high color fastness and the best print quality.

      We VISION ink in the world occupies a large market and growing year by year, can be said that one of the world leader in inkjet dye supply. We also provide technical services to the European ink plant. The first VISION to provide high-end wide-format inkjet dye, in recent years to provide textile printing of the activity, acid, sublimation-type dispersion, as well as sublimation of the disperse dye paste, and the upcoming direct injection of high temperature dispersion dyes. We from the entire dye intermediates, synthetic, to the end of the product purification, refining all independent research and development production, but also based on customer demand for the development of new materials.


     VISION has a strong pigment chemistry team, ink formula team. Future ink formulation technology will be a combination of dye molecular design technology, we will develop new colors, there are some special multi-functional, high-function ink. Our company's color chemistry team will design, develop and synthesize new dye structures. For the separation and purification of new dyes, and then complete the entire application of the terminal test again. Our formula team, according to customer demand color, and even the new pigment for the most appropriate formula development. Our model of cooperation with our customers is through the signing of the exchange with customers, joint testing and access to feedback, the ink formula to do the final optimization, the most appropriate.

      Single-pass is becoming more and more popular in China. Single-pass requires more ink. The ink is more smooth, more suitable for continuous printing, and shade, color fastness will have to keep no drop, in fact, in the final analysis of the most tested or the quality of the dye, Purity, daylight fastness and other higher fastness performance must be improved from the level of dye molecular design. This is the focus of VISION' s in near future.

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