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Why choose dye sublimation printing for the fashion garment?

posted on 2018-05-07 11:07:28

Sublimation is a process by which the ink used is printed on the piece of cloth by the application of heat. In this dyeing method, the color first becomes gas with the help of heat and pressure. Then it is infused into the polyester fabric. This relief of the color on the material of the fabric results in shirts and other garments that really stand out for their striking appearance. Merchants who manufacture garments use innovative methods to produce garments with the best effects. The colors that are printed by the sublimation process look more vibrant and, unlike the tones that are used in cotton garments that fade after a couple of washes, they retain their shine and appeal even after hundreds of washes .


The highest quality garments with perfect sweat absorption properties are available in reputable stores, which makes it possible for anyone looking for high fashion clothing such as sublimation clothes, to place it comfortably in their home . You can also make a mark with this durable but fashionable clothing.


To determine if you can print a product with a scratch-resistant full-color, wash-resistant sublimation image, you should check three elements: First, is the decoration area based on polyester? The sublimation printing depends on the unique molecular structure of the polyester (for example, its binding capacity with the gassed ink dyes). You can not sublimate cotton, nylon, vinyl, wool, leather, etc. Second, will it maintain the product up to the optimum temperatures (up to 400 ° F) and the pressure required for the dye sublimation process? Finally, is the color of the product light enough to take a picture? Because this is a dye technology, the color of the decoration surface of a sublimation product can affect the final colors of your graphic. True white works better, but you can still decorate lighter-colored products, such as t-shirts or sand-colored stone tiles, while achieving 70-80% of the printer's available color gamut.


Unlike other forms of fabric materials, garments made from the sublimation process are quite soft for the skin and allow enough space for the skin to breathe easily. This is especially useful when one is playing a field sport and is sweating profusely. The improved ability to breathe is one of the main reasons why athletes around the world prefer to wear sublimated clothes. On the other hand, sublimated clothing comes in a variety of styles, designs and patterns that allow users to experiment immensely with their appearance. So, whether it's blue and white polo shirts or black shirts with white design, you can design any variety when you opt for sublimation clothes.






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