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Why is dye sublimation printing environmentally friendly?

Posted on 2020-04-01 14:25:52


First of all, dye sublimation printing does not use any method compared to printing screening using a large amount of water. Because this process converts solids directly into gas, absolutely no water is needed.


Secondly, the inks used for sublimation printing are completely safe. They do not pose a health risk to the person handling them, nor do they cause any harm to the environment. Printers usually choose to use 4 colors of CYMK thermal sublimation inks, so the result is that very little dye ink is actually used.


Third, the same sublimation print can be used multiple times, not just one piece of clothing. This is a process called waste paper printing. Although the subsequent print intensity will be reduced, it can still be used for many works, which will produce its own unique effect.


In addition, dye sublimation paper can be used as a material for other crafts. They can be used well as stationery or gift wrapping paper. Therefore, there is almost no waste, and the sublimation transfer paper and tissue paper are always recycled.


Of course, this printing technology has a disadvantage that it can use a limited number of materials. Moreover, polyester is not good for the environment. But we can choose recycled polyester, don't we?


In general, sublimation printing is more environmentally friendly than other printing methods that use solvents and other chemicals. Our company is a supplier and manufacturer of sublimation necessary materials such as sublimation transfer paper and sublimation ink. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will provide you with the best service.







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