100gsm 0.21X1M size sublimation paper

100gsm 0.21X1M size sublimation paper

Using sublimation ink to print the pictures on the sublimation paper,then put it into heat press machine or mug press machine to transfer.It can be used for light color polyester fabric and polyester coated solid object



Type 8.5"x1m
5 (FS) 37 (WS)
Drying Duration(min)
Transfer Rate(%)

Main Features

1.Transfer rate highly to 95%

2.fast -drying 


4.competitive price

5.Excellent color brilliance

6.suitable for many printers 

7.smooth surface  

How to use:







1.Which printer can be use ?

Our sublimation transfer paper can be used in any types of inkjet printer(Epson,Canon),as well as the large-format printer Like Roland, Mimaki,MS-JP

2.storage conditions

Relative humidity of 45-70% RH, temperature 10-30 ℃, Sublimation transfer paper should be placed in direct sunlight to avoid the cool dry place, air conditioning and warm room is particularly recommended. To avoid moisture, stacked on the stack . Stacking, such as the shape of the pyramid, or separated according to the width of stacked size, stacking layer should not exceed the limit marked outside the carton,the horizontal stack on the 15-20 cm from the ground, the stacking layer should not exceed the 8 standard outside the carton.

3. the humidity of the printing room

The best control of 45 ~ 70% RH, printing room, please install air conditioning, control the appropriate conditions to ensure print quality and stability. If there is no air conditioning, it is advisable to balance the moisture in the transfer paper before printing (1-2 days to open the paper outside the plastic bag) to avoid excessive absorption of ink when the ink is printed.

4.printed paper storage conditions

Humidity ≤ 55% RH; temperature 15-30 ℃, low humidity environment is conducive to water evaporation.

5.shelf life

Sublimation transfer paper shelf life of 10 months, customers should be used within the shelf life.

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