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Inkjet heat transfer paper for dark cotton fabric

posted on 2018-04-23 10:55:36

Vision Digital Printing produce the sublimation transfer paper for years.

To develop the heat transfer paper for cotton fabric, the one similar to 3G JET inkjet heat transfer paper , we have put so many energy and test so many times, and finally get this Vision Brand inkjet heat transfer paper .

If you ask me what’s the advantage between your paper and 3G JET heat transfer paper , I may say take sample test first , besides , the sample is free for test, only need pay the freight.

The quality test , we have tested so many times. The quality is stable, and we suggest is pigment ink , but not sublimation ink . cause we have do the test with the sublimation ink, there is color exchange between the photo and transfer effect , you can also adjust it to the color you like .The right picture use sublimation ink.

Our inkjet heat transfer paper , the technology is fairly mature , and the sales is also good, the price has been down a lot after times development . you may get a quotation through the mail below .

Except the inkjet heat transfer paper , light and dark , we also do the heat transfer vinyl with sticky. Excellent touch feeling , super thin to 0.07mm .

As follows,these picture are our test of dark inkjet transfer paper for dark cotton tshirt.



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